In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus. Philippians 2:5

For it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy."
1 Peter 1:16

Monday, April 25, 2011

Will You..?

What do you see in this world..? Depending on what set of eyes you are looking through there are a couple outcomes. If you are looking through the eyes of the world it could be- Wealth, life, parties, friendship, strength, fullness, etc.. But if you are looking through God’s eyes (Bible glasses) then you can agree that those things are not what is truly being shown. Rather- Sin, brokenness, violence, death, poverty, weakness, emptiness, etc..

There is so much in this world that is not seen, even by many Christians. Mainly because they choose not to see it. They put on tunnel vision glasses and live their life like they can’t see, or won’t see. Something God has put on my heart lately is vision. Do I see what He wants me to see? Sometimes I must ask myself that and really look into myself and ask God to reveal… To reveal His vision. And it is my prayer, and should be the prayer of all who call Him Father, that He not only reveal His vision to me, but that I also see it for what He wants me to see it.

Even more than just seeing, but that I actually DO something about it! What good is seeing if there is no action to follow. Will I be ready..? Ready to answer the call? When I see something that brings pain and brokenness to a non-believer, will I be ready and willing to take action? In times of darkness, in times of need… In times of misery, wounds, and disease. In times of anguish, in times of loneliness. Will I be ready to bring light to the lost? Will I be ready to lift up the broken? Will I be ready to feed to the hungry? When there seems like there is no hope left in this sin-driven world, like there is no more light to be shown… Will I manifest Christ’s love, His light, His strength… His sacrifice..?


It is easy to know what set of eyes you are looking through. First of all, if you are not a Christian/Christ Follower, then by default you look through the eyes of the world. The sad and all too unfortunate reality is that Christians are not always in focus. We do not always choose to be looking through the eyes of God. Too often we become content with where we are, where others are and where the world is. I say “we” because sadly I do it sometimes. Lately God has been working on my heart, changing my desires and refocusing my vision. How? Through His Word. The more you read and actually ponder, meditate and apply the Bible to your life the more God works on and in you.

I say these things not to spit in anyone’s face, but to bring exhortation to the lost warriors. Those who have had a passion for the lost and have forgotten the purpose of his or her existence. Also to those who have been and are faithful to the Lord. To bring hope to their vision and to help keep their vision focused. Because there are warriors out there… Warriors who will sacrifice everything for the sake of the Lord! I wish to live as the Apostle Paul did. In the knowledge and realization of the strength and power of God! We are not bound to this world! This world is only practice, practice for the eternal. What will our lives amount to in the end if nothing is done for Him?

Monday, January 31, 2011


"To live or not to live, that is not only the question, but also the struggle in my heart. Whether I shall live by the Spirit or by my own sin? For the Lord says to live in Him, but my heart is the root of sin and in my sin nature I long to live by the muck of my heart, and not the pure water of the Spirit. Now I'm changed! No longer in submission to sin, but now a bond servant to Christ. I am dead, dead to sin and alive in Christ. No longer bound by the world, but free in purpose. My desire is exultation in Christ and a life not wasted."

What is it that you desire..? Take a moment and think about it... Think about what you spend you time on and who you spend it with. Think about how you use your money and where your thoughts are most of the time....

Unless you have already thought about it you have probably realized you do not focus on God as much as you should or even want to. Although I often give God time in my day, its never enough... My entire day should be His! Romans 12 tells me that I need to be a living sacrifice. What is a living sacrifice? First lets look at sacrifice- In the Old Testament sacrifices were usually animals ranging from doves to cows and sometimes grain. They were killed and then burned as an offering to God. God set very strict rules for His "chosen people". Sacrifices were used for several different types of offerings, but the most commonly known reason for sacrifice is for the atonement of sin. Because Christ offered himself as a sacrifice we no longer have to. As for living, that's pretty straight forward... Lacking in death; What is death? Sin. Sin is the cause of death. So we must be holy and all consumed for Christ.

Our desire must be to bring glory, honor and praise to God in everything we do, say, hear, think, and see. Our lives must be consumed by the desire to love God.

Many people get confused by the thought of God's will and what they should do with their lives concerning their careers. God gives each of us different gifts, skills, talents, and passions. Our purpose is to bring glory to God, and as long as you are doing that, He wants you to enjoy what you are doing. So whatever He has given you the ability to do, do it! Stop doubting, start leaping, and keep your eyes on Christ! I like how Louie Giglio describes his desire in his 'Declaration'.- "Because I was created by God and for His glory, I will magnify Him as I respond to His great love. My desire is to make knowing and enjoying God the passionate pursuit of my life." ("Don't Waste Your Life" By: John Piper)

As Christians we need to live for purpose in Christ. And what is our purpose? To bring glory to God. So a few questions to ask yourself as you finish reading this and as you have been pondering is "Have I been bringing God glory? What do I desire? What am I passionate about?"

A call to those who profess- Put on the armor of God and become a ForeverWarrior.

The Real

Verse 1
For the longest time I've been living my own life,
putting on the mask of the world.
Living for sin and faking for Christ.
Deceiving those I love and destroying myself.

Now its time to get real!
To tear it off and lay it down.
To live for Christ and die to self.
Lord forgive me! I want to follow You!

Verse 2
It seems so right at the time,
feels so good, lack of mind,
self fulfilled, world defined.
Time spent, life wasted.
Love destroyed, purpose deprived.

And in my mind, now its time...
To get Real! The Real..!
Because of Christ, now Spirit filled...
I can be Real!

Verse 3
In the dark I hid who I am.
No in the light I can't bare who I was.
But I'm changed!
Time invested, life saved,
Love demonstrated, purpose driven.

Now I'm real!
I tore it off and gave it up.
Sins forgiven, I want to live for You!
Christ within me, Lord, I will follow You!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time to Get REAL

Life... It is limited to time and space... Time is limited to years and space is limited to material... How we use our time and resources is crucial! It's called purpose. In Christ is our purpose, our desire, our passion! When you do not live for your purpose, you do not live at all. Purpose- Glorify God in all you do, say, think, desire, etc.

It breaks my heart to see so many people say they believe in God... but do not live it. They want to be a part of something, but have no desire to change and live apart from themselves. To live for Christ you must sacrifice all you are to God. It is extremely hard and humbling, but nonetheless, required.

I see many people trying to do good or trying to be religious, but rarely living for purpose. Many people do good to get recognized or something in return. Others act religious to be accepted and respected (example- Pharisees). James 4 says Faith without deeds is dead and same about deeds without Faith.

All that to say this- Get REAL! Christ has called us to live with His mindset (Phil. 2:5). He has called us to be Holy (Galatians 5:16)! Our mission is to glorify God! To make disciples and to show the world His love! Its time to step up, to live for Christ and to die to sin. We are no longer enslaved by sin, we are free and its time to break the enemy line and bring light to the dark! Freedom to the enslaved! Purpose to the deprived! Salvation to the lost! I know this, a life lived apart from purpose is a life lived in vain... "Time spent, life wasted, love destroyed, purpose deprived..." That is not a life anyone has to live... Instead they could be changed! "Time invested, life saved, love demonstrated, purpose driven!"

So, put on the armor of God and become a warrior for Christ! Not just a MinuteWarrior or a YearWarrior, but a ForeverWarrior! And let's not waste anymore life!